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ENVIRO-SEP|Corrugated Plate Interceptor | Product | Enviro , The Enviro-Sep™, Corrugated Plate Interceptor (CPI), design is based on the principle of Stokes Law CPI efficiency is determined by calculating the relationships between the flow-rate, oil and water specific gravity, temperature and oil content
OGF Article A Historical Perspective on Produced Water , Mar 09, 2012· Plates Improve Gravity Separation A Dutch company, Pielkenrood, was one of the first to provide tilted plates to improve standard gravity separation At the same time, Shell developed a similar device, called the corrugated plate interceptor (CPI) An example is shown in Fig 1
WEMCO PACESETTER Separator - Schlumberger The Schlumberger WEMCO® PACESETTER* separator uses an innovative plate design to , This is followed by a separator pack of corrugated plates, which provide separate , Other company, product, and service names are the properties of their respective owners
Process Water | Products - Products - Enviro Tech Systems (CORRUGATED PLATE INTERCEPTOR) The Enviro-Sep™ Plate Separator receives produced water through the inlet into the primary inlet chamber with solids settling to the bottom of this compartment and free oil forming an interface above the liquid level
Corrugated Plate Interceptors (CPI) - Sewage Treatment , The corrugated plate pack in a TPI/ CPI separator, used in Oily water treatment for removal of free oil, consists of number of parallel corrugated plat A Plate pack is a housing of flat plastic plates (strengthened by resins) and stiffened by a frame made from plastic material (strengthened by resins) and/or stainless steel
Removing hydrocarbons from water - PetroWiki Enviro-Tech Systems was established in 1997 to provide a missing link in the offshore oilfield, service after the sale Field Service quickly became our primary operation in business We began providing field service for major oil companies in the Gulf of Mexico and expanded in ,
Oil Water Separators | Corrugated Plate Interceptor (CPI) It is upon these technological advancements that FRC has engineered its standard oil/water separator design: the Corrugated Plate Interceptor (CPI) The CPI is a high-rate OWS that comes in 11 pre-engineered sizes, with and without rotating skimmer systems
Equipment | Rental | Remanufactured | Stock |Enviro-Tech , ENVIRO-SEP™ ES-5 (5,000 BWPD Corrugated Plate Interceptor Half Pack) The ENVIRO-SEP™ ES-5 Corrugated Plate Interceptor handles up to 5,000 BWPD ETS currently has (2) two units immediately available for sale IOM manuals and additional documentation available upon request
wemco corrugated plate interceptor company Corrugated Plate Interceptors CPI - Enhydra Corrugated Plate Interceptor CPI designed to remove bulk oil from the water using coalescence and separation oil and solids are removed from the water , Corrugated Plate Interceptors CPI , Enhydra are an international company with over 150 projects completed in 25 countri